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Address Book Fix Toolbox provides Windows Address Book recovery services supporting the analysis of WAB files in all
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14 May 2013

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Windows Address Book, a vital constituent of MS Windows is a database that aids in storing considerable amount of contacts and contact related other information. This database becomes even more important when MS Outlook installed in your system utilizes the address book for sending emails etc. While the application proffers to be highly beneficial but once MS Window of your PC gets corrupted by virus or gets corrupted, it is very certain that Windows Address Book will get damaged too. This will make the address book inaccessible and lose your all the essential files for ever. However, this misery will not be much of a trouble with Address Book Fix Toolbox 1.0.0 lying in your hand.

Address Book Fix Toolbox analyzes all the damaged files and contacts precisely and supports recovery of them. The application is very versatile in its makeup and supports recovering of WAB file that got corrupted by various reasons like virus infection, system crash etc. Installation and usage of this recovery tool is very simple, where just by reading the instruction you can install the too. User interface of the program is also designed in an intuitive and simple way that could be used by users that are not very technically savoir-faire. You are assured to receive the lost or corrupted contact information in damaged WAB files effectually. Moreover you too do not have to wait longer for recovery of the contact database to occur. This solution is very light and will not hamper in normal functioning of your computer system.

Previous to using the purchased version of the software, try to put your hands on the demo version to analyze it closely. The cost of this program is also very low and comes into budget of everybody. Hence we get a chance to rate this solution with 3 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Address Book Fix Toolbox is the fastest data recovery service, supporting the analysis of Address Book files. This program allows recovering WAB files that were corrupted due to malware infections or other issues affecting the integrity of Windows Address Book files and other documents as well. This application can be installed on your PC or any other computer in the network, there are no known compatibility problems affecting the efficiency of Windows Address Book recovery tool. Besides, the size of Address Book Fix Toolbox does not exceed a megabyte, feel free downloading this program anytime you encounter data corruption issues. After the first start of Address Book Fix Toolbox you may evaluate the ease of its interface and follow the directions of Address Book recovery program. In the same time, you may simply use the recovery Wizard feature and make the analysis of WAB files easier. As you know, the size of Windows Address Book files is relatively small therefore you may apply this application on any computer, including older workstations, the analysis time is not considerable in all instances of contacts recovery and there is no need to select a powerful hardware for this purpose. It is free to try, open Address Book Fix Toolbox application, get to know how many files can be restored in your case and evaluate the ease of Address Book recovery solution. Please follow the directions of Address Book Fix Toolbox and make sure it is much easier than you think, you may get rid of additional instructions and start working by following the guidelines of Address Book recovery program that is all. Thanks to the small size of WAB files the analysis of selected documents should not take a lot of time, so you may start evaluating corrupted documents immediately after the first launch of Address Book Fix Toolbox. Please take a closer look at the results and consider the registration of this application, it removes all limitations of free version.
Address Book Fix Toolbox
Address Book Fix Toolbox
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